8/15/2014: Bad-ass car on RP

Sorry for sleeping on the blog lately you guys.  Crazy busy at work.  Some would say everything I touch turns to sold.  Others would say everything I touch turns to 60 days on market. Whatever.

A lot of talk lately about the new sidewalks going in.  Don’t really know much about that.

What I do know is there is a bad-ass car parked on RP.  Look at this thing.



1970 Chevelle SS. 375 horsepower V8. For bosses only.

Would love to know who’s driving this hog and invite him to Scotch Club. But if we’re being totally real, this hoss doesn’t go to clubs to drink. Probably drinks gasoline from a mason jar. Hand rolls his own cigarettes and lights em by striking a match on his Wranglers. Probably says things like alright, alright alright.


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