7/3/2014: Replacing front steps and walkway

So we’re just starting this process you guys. If you’ve ever had drinks on our front steps, you know they’re in rough shape.


The bricks are crumbling and the mortar is turning into dust.


The wood columns are rotting too.


We’ve met with a few contractors to have the stairs rebuilt and the walkway redone in bluestone and the columns replaced with fiberglass columns (no rotting or maintenance). Met with 2 contractors so far and here’s what the job entails:

Bracing the roof then knocking out the columns.  Jack hammering the front steps and walkway and removing all the debris.  Rebuilding the front steps and filling the middle with concrete.  Adjusting the grade surrounding the walkway.  Laying down bluestone tops with either brick or stone accents.  Replacing the columns with fiberglass columns.  Laying down grass & lome around the new walkway.

Will keep you posted on our progress.

Footnote: Happy 4th you guys!!

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