6/25/2014: Toilet on Waltham St.

Hey guys it’s me – the toilet on Waltham St. Been out here for a while. Bout time I showed up on the blog.

So yeah, it’s been a tough week for me.  Got ripped out of the bathroom upstairs then tossed on the street.  Does bulk pick up even know about me?  Then my seat came off. Some bros from Newton North thought it would be funny to tip me over.  Guess what guys?  Not funny.  My freakin top fell off.

I realize living in a place like West Newton my days are numbered.  But in Arkansas or West Virginia I would be patio furniture.  People would still sit on me.  So be a pal and come scoop me in that luxury SUV of yours (or minivan — whatever) and ship me down south.  Still got some good years in me.


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