6/6/2014: Lawn care

Do you guys see how fast I’m blogging today?  There is like smoke coming from my computer.  Work bro at the next desk thinks it’s because I have an HP laptop from 2001.

Ok — onto lawn care.  You guys know I’m not a scientist.  I don’t know what kind of chemicals my lawn needs.  Lime, fertilizer, crabgrass preventer — I’ve just been kind of throwing it on the past few years.  This was the result.

dead grass

Then I got some advice from Joe.  When you get advice from Joe about your lawn, you take it.  Joe said hire All Green — so that’s what I did.  For $40 a month, All Green puts down fertilizer, crabgrass preventer, grub control, lime — whatever they think the lawn needs.  They also aerated the lawn for $120.

2 weeks after I hired All Green, the lawn greened up real nice.  If you’re tired of having a crappy lawn and trying to figure out what your lawn needs, give these guys a call.

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