5/1/2014: Update on 358 Waltham

Time to clean up our act you guys.  That Miami Vice condo on Waltham just went under agreement.  Pretty sure these are the buyers:

Miami Vice

These guys don’t take a lot of crap.  Here’s what they’re into:


Lamborghinis — AKA Lambos.  Lambos top out at 200MPH — perfect for chasing morning commuters, dopers & other low-lifes down Randlett.

cig boat

Cigarette boats — AKA go-fast boats.  The days of trying to smuggle dope from one end of Crystal Lake to the other are ovah.

miami vice2

Armani suits with a t-shirt underneath.  No big deal — this only turned the fashion game on it’s head in the 80s.  Rocked this look on Easter 1987 to Holy Trinity Church in Georgetown.  Looked like such a boss.  Except the t-shirt was Hanes and the suit was from Woodward & Lothrop.

Here’s what these guys are NOT into:


Cocaine.  AKA C-Dust, Blow & Boost.  Feel like Boost isn’t a big problem on Randlett. Eliott — not so sure.

bad guy

Guys with priors.  Again, not so much an issue on Randlett.  But they might want to do some background on a few Fairway bros.



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