4/25/2014: The PI

So the PI is a new thing in real estate — stands for Price Increase.  Not Private Investigator.


A PI is the equivalent of a seller taking off their white gloves and slapping buyers across the face with them.  Like they used to do in olden times.  Before duels and stuff.

The sellers at 225 Webster listed their home on Tuesday for $839k.  Today they PI’ed by 900 USDs to $839,900.  Total power move.  The seller probably was like “well we have 4 windows so the price is $839k.  Oh wait we forgot about the small basement window so the price is now $839,900.”

225 Webster

Footnote: Management just finished her thesis and used like a bazillion footnotes.  It’s where you write whatever you want at the bottom of the page.

Footnote: Tom Selleck is one the greatest actors of our time.  This phone is clearly not plugged in.  He’s not talking to anyone.  His acting is just so off the charts you don’t care.

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