4/9/2014: 35 Derby just listed for $910k

This listing has been on the market for 15 minutes and already has me super-steamed you guys.  Look what the listing broker had the AUDACITY to write in the description:

Walk to the elementary school, West Newton Center and public transportation, a commuter’s dream to the Pike and 128, and in a block party community to boot.

Block party community?  On Derby?  Yeah right —  you would get run over.  They don’t close the street down.  They don’t have kids riding their bikes and falling off scooters in the middle of the street.  Only WE do that!

Tempted to call this broker to find out more about the block party.  Forget the house.  Place will be sold this weekend.  I would check DerbyStreet.com but it doesn’t exist.

Anyway, place has 4 beds, 3 baths and 3,005 sq…. just can’t believe this guy wrote that. Block party community.  Not sure if should LOL or SMDH.

35 Derby 35 Derby1 35 Derby2

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