4/8/2014: Block Party save the date

Look you guys, we’ve all gotten a lame save the date before.  Like from people you don’t really know that want you to come to their wedding.  On Memorial Day.  Peeking out from behind a tree. Writing their names in the sand.  Or some crap like this…

save the date

Who’s feet are getting married here? Why are they the same size?  If this is 2 bros — that’s totally cool — come to scotch club.  If this is guy/girl — this woman has sasquatch feet.

Anyway.  The Randlett Park Block Party is June 1st.  No sasquatch feet.  Open bar — I mean coolers.  Appys, BBQ, desserts — you name it.  Street will be blocked off, mostly to piss off people who speed down it.  Dress I would say is resort casual or “fun New England barbeque.”  (If I knew how to use emoticons I would put one here.)

Somebody will be contacting you telling you what to bring.  Listen to that person.  If you can’t make it, no worries — we’ll talk shit about your latest “home improvement” and use an obscene amount of air quotes to describe the work you’re trying to do.

Organizers have asked me to pass along this Google doc so everyone can update their contact info for the party.


.20130610-092703.jpg 20130610-092710.jpg 20130610-092638.jpg

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