4/2/2014: Chair in front of 350 Waltham St.

Hey guys — it’s me — the chair in front of 350 Waltham St.  You saw me the other day in the rain, but you didn’t pick me up.  Why — because I’m soaked?  Because if you sat on me you would slide right off and hit your head on the curb?

I was once the corner-piece of a really nice sectional.  Could seat like 6 people.  Some people even confused me for leather.  My owners decided to break-up the gang and I did a stint as a video game chair in a teenager’s room.  Things got a little weird in there.  Now I’m on the curb — like that TV a few months back.

Want you to know I have a few good years left on me.  If you want a chair that’s literally impossible to sit up straight in — I’m your guy.  When you sit on me, your head will immediately fall backwards between my giant cushions.  Did someone say awesome for naps?

Next time you drive by — give me a look.  I’ll be here.

350 Waltham chair

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