2/28/2014: Memory foam bath mats

Memory foam bath mats – so hot right now. Just went to Target and got one for 19 USDs. Didn’t even tell Management. Total power move.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, you probably already know how awesome these bad boys are. Made of memory foam, they’re super soft and twice as absorbent as cotton. Completely sold out already in Norway – you couldn’t buy one no matter how many kroners you have. A slip-resistant bottom means your days of kicking around a wet cotton bath mat are over.

Machine washable? Bet your ass they are. Dang things probably dry themselves. Unlike cotton bath mats that sound like there’s a bowling ball in the dryer then still come out wet.

Look you guys, I’ve blogged some pretty questionable stuff (10 tools every homeowner should have – yikes) but memory foam bath mats are the real deal Holyfield. Every time your foot hits that mat, you’ll be thinking “maybe that blog isn’t totally useless after all.”

Check out the scene in Oslo below!


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