2/12/2014: Mailbag

Been sleepin on the blog lately you guys — so lots to catch up on.

Can tree roots damage waste & water pipes?

Word out of the Cherry Tree is last Friday night there was a large contingent of Randlett Parkers talkin about waste & water.  Sounds like my kinda party.  A little steamed I didn’t get invited but whatever.

Back to the question.  Yes — tree roots can grow in/around/through waste & water pipes that run from your home to the street.  This is the most common reason pipes fail.  Pipes can also fail because of rust & corrosion. These pipes are old.  Like World War II old you guys.

How do you know if your water pipe is failing?  You’ll probably first notice this on your water bill.  A high water bill can be a good indicator that you have a leak.  Puddles in your front yard can also be a sign.  Low water pressure could mean you have a leak or freezing pipe. If you have any of these issues — call the city (DPW).  They are the only contractor permitted to work on water lines.

How do you know if your waste pipe is failing?  Here are some signs: toilets not flushing properly, water is not draining or there’s a bad smell in/around the yard.  If you have any of these problems — call the city (DPW).  Outside contractors can repair/replace sewer lines, but they must have a license from City Hall.

If you think you may have a problem with roots, you can also use root killer.  Dump root killer in your upstairs & downstairs bathroom toilets twice a year.  Wait six hours before flushing.  This will clear roots from the pipe and stop new growth.  Thanks to Jean for the heads up on this.

sewer line

RandlettPark.com — Valentine’s Day is only 2 days away and I haven’t gotten anything for my husband.  Help!  — Sleepless in 02465

It’s too late to make a rez at his favorite steak house.  That sexy little nightgown that’s crumpled at the bottom of your drawer?  About 5 years too late for that honey.  You have kids, a mortgage and the house smells like tacos.

Circle up chicas — what you need is Bro Dice.  Am I totally making this up?  Yes.  Can I actually feel management cringing at home as I write this?  Sure can.  But this will work. Guarantee you that.

Here’s what you do: cruise down to CVS and buy a set of couples dice — you know the ones with “kiss” & “tickle” all over them.  Don’t let anyone see you — those dice are super lame and people will judge.  Cut up some small pieces of paper and write your man’s favorite things on them, then cover the dice with them.

Give this some thought ladies.  It’s his day too.  He may tell you he likes foot rubs and romantic comedies, but what he really wants is to:

Watch the game

Have a beer

Order buffalo wings


Go out with buddies

Watch a Russell Crowe movie


You can thank me on Saturday.  So can your husband.

My snowthrower is busted — where’s the best place to get it repaired?

Depending on the manufacturer and where you purchased your ‘thrower, you have a few options.  Farina’s services everything they sell.  Needham Garden Center services most manufacturers AND will come pick up your ‘thrower — which is heavier than that TV on Waltham Street.  Wayland Power Equipment is good too — but they won’t pick up.

339 Waltham TV

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