1/9/2014: TV in front of 339 Waltham

Hey guys, it’s me — the TV that’s been sitting out front of 339 Waltham for the past 3 weeks.  I’m not waiting for bulk pick-up, I’m waiting for a new home.  I know you’ve seen me.  Why don’t you stop and put me in your trunk?

339 Waltham TV

Allow myself to introduce…. myself.  I’m a 27″ color TV with wireless remote (buried in snow somewhere).  I have a nice wood frame that weighs 147 pounds.  I’m compatible with VHS and BETA VCRs, Atari & Nintendo gaming systems.  The snow and cold hasn’t effected my tube — shows like Dallas, Three’s Company, Alf, Charles in Charge and Mork & Mindy still look look great on my screen.

If you’re looking for high-def, I’m not you’re guy.  Watching hockey on me is impossible — where’s the puck?  You can’t hang me on the wall over your fireplace.  I belong on the floor.  Don’t know what DVDs are so I won’t play ’em.  Don’t have a DVR either — just use the VCR to record your shows, so easy to program!

I got some good years left on me.  Just need a cozy corner in your home with room for my remote and antenna.  So find the strongest person you know and come pick me up.  I’m freezing out here.

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