12/23/2013: A Christmas poem

A Christmas wish from my home to yours:

May your home be energy efficient:

Your walls be insulated, your windows tight

Heating bills low, thermostats set just right.

May your renovations go smoothly:

Your contractors on budget and on time

Parking their trucks in front of your house — not in front of mine.

May our water table stay low:

Basements keep dry and free of rain

Management already made me spend $6,500 on a french drain!

May your old home need few repairs:

AC to keep pumpin, another year before the boiler dies

Just when you think the writing couldn’t be any worse — Merry Christmas you guys!

142 randlett xmas

2 thoughts on “12/23/2013: A Christmas poem

  1. Linda Duncombe

    And the same to you!! And a special thank you to the Cravens for our wonderful Randlett Park get-together!!

    Linda and Chris #87

  2. Barbara Gubb

    Does anyone have an infant car seat that I could borrow from january 2 – 8. My 4- month old grandson is coming to visit from Los Angeles. Please contact me at 617-965-2398, if you can help. Or email at bggubb@gmail.com

    Thanks, and happy holidays, Barbara

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