12/2/2013: Cupcake thief in Newton

Putting out an APB for a bald, white male last seen wearing a black hoodie and stealing cupcakes at the Tedeschi’s on Washington Street.  The suspect, who store employees say is a regular, has been shoplifting from the Hostess Cupcake rack.

Newton Po do not consider the suspect a threat, unless you are a cupcake.  If seen, please call 911.  DO NOT try and apprehend the suspect.  Current whereabouts unknown — probably creepin on more cupcakes.

Not trying to alarm you guys, but this guy could strike anywhere/anytime.  Whole Foods, Keltic Krust, anywhere they make or sell cupcakes.  Be aware of your surroundings.  If you are in possession of cupcake(s) watch your six.

Tell you one thing: I’ll sleep a lot easier once this SOB is behind bars.  Or at least fined for shoplifting.  Stay safe.


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