11/30/2013: More big soccer news on Randlett

Sorry I’m so late on this story you guys. I’ve been pouring gravy all over everything and frankly things got out of control. Management tipped me off on some big news about Christina Callahan and the Newton North soccer team.

In case you haven’t already heard, they won the state championship. Christina was a senior tri-captain that help lead the Tigers to an undefeated regular season then 5 straight playoff wins. 22-0. This team didn’t win the state tourney, they drove a bulldozer through it. Only allowed 1 goal in 5 tournament games.

Christina didn’t just come off the bench in the 2nd half of a few games. She was an ALL-AMERICAN. All New England. All everything mid-fielder for the Tigers.

State championships are a big deal. Something you have forever. A banner hanging in the gym. A picture of you and your friends with the trophy. Something to talk about at your 10 year reunion. Congrats to Christina and her teammates on this accomplishment.


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