11/26/2013: National Grid neighbor efficiency rankings

National Grid is up to their old tricks again.  Ranking the efficiency of each home in the neighborhood….

National Grid energy report3

As you can see, I rank #52 out of 100.  National Grid was kind enough to let me know my rank is declining as well.

Now you might think this makes me super-steamed, because of all the insulation I’ve done.  Even setting the Nest to 65 degrees every night.  But I’m a glass half-full kinda guy. In my book, things could be way worse.  I could be these people — whose rank is REALLY declining:

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford



See — being ranked #52 isn’t so bad!  I mean I dominated the summer months.  Ranked as high as #15 in June.  Just hope my ranking doesn’t slide too far this winter….

If one of you guys has been ranked #1 — come forth and be recognized on this blog.  If you have been ranked #100, maybe just message me privately and we can meet for a drink (or lots of them) to figure out what’s going on.

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