11/21/2013: More custom built-ins

Today’s blog comes from Kyle & Marisa on Fairway Drive (GASP!) who just had some custom built-ins done by Needham Woodworking.

Calm down you guys.  Not gonna go changing this blog to RandlettPark&Fairway.com. Nobody would read it.  Kyle & Marisa are Randlett Parkers at heart, they just happen to live on Fairway.  Let’s hear what they have to say:

We had Needham Woodworking come out September 7th to look at the space. Shaun Ritter drew up a 3D model on his computer right then and there. He sent us the designs and quote the next day. We booked him within that week with the hopes that everything could get done before Thanksgiving… which it was! We worked with him on the color (they painted it ahead of time) and had to pick out our own handles. Installation was done in a day, with Shaun needing to come back for 15 minutes this morning to finish hooking up the TV stuff (did I mention that they also install a sensor so that our DVR, etc. can stay hidden away in a cabinet but our remote controls still work?).
We were very happy with their work; the shelves, the mouldings & baseboards look like they have always been there!
KM built ins

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