11/15/2013: The Carpet Workroom

So Management & I have been looking for a carpet runner for the stairs and 2nd floor hallway.  Something like this:


We stumbled across The Carpet Workroom — which technically is located in Needham, but sits more in Newton Highlands.  If you are looking for runners, carpets or custom rugs — this is the place for you.  The Carpet Workroom handles everything from design to measuring to installation.

We took the kids with us to the showroom, which is more of a shop where they do all the cutting & binding.  Taking the kids meant we had T minus 20 minutes to get in and get out. The guys at The Carpet Workroom were great — gave us the info we needed, explained their process and sent us home with samples.  We got outta there before either kid could melt down.

The Carpet Workroom is a family owned business run by Peter Lovetere.  He’s been in the carpet game for 30+ years and his two sons, Matt & Billy, help him run the shop.  The shop itself is not easy to find and Peter told me he wouldn’t have it any other way.  “If I bought an expensive showroom, I would have to mark up my prices to pay for the space. Better to stay here and sell less expensive carpet.” Makes perfect sense to me.

We took the samples home and had a few follow up questions — which were quickly answered.  Matt came out to measure the stairs & hallway, then we selected a wool carpet.  We made a 50% deposit and the carpet should be installed by early December.

You guys know me — I always give prices.  And I always call you you guys.  Total job cost is $1900.  You could probably spend less if you got a synthetic or remnant.

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