11/30/2013: More big soccer news on Randlett

Sorry I’m so late on this story you guys. I’ve been pouring gravy all over everything and frankly things got out of control. Management tipped me off on some big news about Christina Callahan and the Newton North soccer team.

In case you haven’t already heard, they won the state championship. Christina was a senior tri-captain that help lead the Tigers to an undefeated regular season then 5 straight playoff wins. 22-0. This team didn’t win the state tourney, they drove a bulldozer through it. Only allowed 1 goal in 5 tournament games.

Christina didn’t just come off the bench in the 2nd half of a few games. She was an ALL-AMERICAN. All New England. All everything mid-fielder for the Tigers.

State championships are a big deal. Something you have forever. A banner hanging in the gym. A picture of you and your friends with the trophy. Something to talk about at your 10 year reunion. Congrats to Christina and her teammates on this accomplishment.


11/26/2013: National Grid neighbor efficiency rankings

National Grid is up to their old tricks again.  Ranking the efficiency of each home in the neighborhood….

National Grid energy report3

As you can see, I rank #52 out of 100.  National Grid was kind enough to let me know my rank is declining as well.

Now you might think this makes me super-steamed, because of all the insulation I’ve done.  Even setting the Nest to 65 degrees every night.  But I’m a glass half-full kinda guy. In my book, things could be way worse.  I could be these people — whose rank is REALLY declining:

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford



See — being ranked #52 isn’t so bad!  I mean I dominated the summer months.  Ranked as high as #15 in June.  Just hope my ranking doesn’t slide too far this winter….

If one of you guys has been ranked #1 — come forth and be recognized on this blog.  If you have been ranked #100, maybe just message me privately and we can meet for a drink (or lots of them) to figure out what’s going on.

11/21/2013: More custom built-ins

Today’s blog comes from Kyle & Marisa on Fairway Drive (GASP!) who just had some custom built-ins done by Needham Woodworking.

Calm down you guys.  Not gonna go changing this blog to RandlettPark&Fairway.com. Nobody would read it.  Kyle & Marisa are Randlett Parkers at heart, they just happen to live on Fairway.  Let’s hear what they have to say:

We had Needham Woodworking come out September 7th to look at the space. Shaun Ritter drew up a 3D model on his computer right then and there. He sent us the designs and quote the next day. We booked him within that week with the hopes that everything could get done before Thanksgiving… which it was! We worked with him on the color (they painted it ahead of time) and had to pick out our own handles. Installation was done in a day, with Shaun needing to come back for 15 minutes this morning to finish hooking up the TV stuff (did I mention that they also install a sensor so that our DVR, etc. can stay hidden away in a cabinet but our remote controls still work?).
We were very happy with their work; the shelves, the mouldings & baseboards look like they have always been there!
KM built ins

11/15/2013: The Carpet Workroom

So Management & I have been looking for a carpet runner for the stairs and 2nd floor hallway.  Something like this:


We stumbled across The Carpet Workroom — which technically is located in Needham, but sits more in Newton Highlands.  If you are looking for runners, carpets or custom rugs — this is the place for you.  The Carpet Workroom handles everything from design to measuring to installation.

We took the kids with us to the showroom, which is more of a shop where they do all the cutting & binding.  Taking the kids meant we had T minus 20 minutes to get in and get out. The guys at The Carpet Workroom were great — gave us the info we needed, explained their process and sent us home with samples.  We got outta there before either kid could melt down.

The Carpet Workroom is a family owned business run by Peter Lovetere.  He’s been in the carpet game for 30+ years and his two sons, Matt & Billy, help him run the shop.  The shop itself is not easy to find and Peter told me he wouldn’t have it any other way.  “If I bought an expensive showroom, I would have to mark up my prices to pay for the space. Better to stay here and sell less expensive carpet.” Makes perfect sense to me.

We took the samples home and had a few follow up questions — which were quickly answered.  Matt came out to measure the stairs & hallway, then we selected a wool carpet.  We made a 50% deposit and the carpet should be installed by early December.

You guys know me — I always give prices.  And I always call you you guys.  Total job cost is $1900.  You could probably spend less if you got a synthetic or remnant.

11/13/2013: There might be a surprise behind your old medicine cabinet

Got this blog idea from my bro-in-law, who lives in DC and reads RP.com when he’s bored — which is prob the 4th quarter of Redskins games.  Like everyone in DC, bro-in-law has a super high security job which means I can’t reveal his identity.  If I do, terrorists will find and kill him.  Maybe my sister too.  Worst case is they kill both of them and start monitoring this blog.  For security purposes, I’ll refer to bro-in-law as MIKE ALFA TANGO (MAT).

MAT has a 1940 colonial which is very similar in age & style to homes on the greatest street on earth: Randlett Park.  Over the weekend, MAT was replacing the medicine cabinet in his upstairs bathroom when he got a little surprise.

va mirror

There was a pile of used razors behind the medicine cabinet.  Back in the day, some medicine cabinets were designed with a small slit for razor disposal.  Once you were done shaving, just slide the razor through the slot.  No need to throw it in the trash or worry about the kids finding and cutting themselves.  With the razor disposal, the razors stay behind the medicine cabinet.  Forever.


If you find this behind you’re medicine cabinet, put some gloves on.  Management says be careful for blood born pathogens as well.  Blood born what?  Must be from her crime shows.

Thanks to MAT for the blog idea and being one of the 4 people reading RP.com.