10/23/2013: What does Mayor Warren’s $315M capital plan mean for Randlett Park?

Just spent the past hour going through the Mayor’s capital plan to see what it means for RPers.  The plan is 150 pages and a real snoozer.  But with great blogging comes great responsibility — so here’s the scoop:

We’re going to be a part of Phase 2 for the City Wide Urban Forestation Project. In English speak, this means the city will be planting trees along the streets in our neighborhood starting in 2019.

RP was last paved in 1978 — which by Newton standards is a long time ago.  Most streets in Newton were re-paved in the late 80s and early 90s.  Don’t remember that — was too busy listening to Boyz II Men on my walkman.  RP is scheduled to be re-paved in 2019 at a cost $150,000.

Not sure who will be doing the paving, but I vote for Lightning McQueen.  He did a helluva job in Radiator Springs.

lightning mcqueen

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