10/16/2013: 20 must have tools for an old home

Not trying to be Bob Vila here you guys.  Couldn’t grow a beard like that if I tried.  But after a few years in an old home, I’ve collected some tools that I use all the time.

Some people — mainly my dad, my father-in-law and bro in-law — would say I have no business writing or being around tools after “my accident.”  So what if I put a screwdriver through my hand?  I didn’t break my hand or the screwdriver and can still use both. Unless Management has a job I don’t want to do, in which case I tell her “damn hand is acting up again” and then cool out on the couch.

screwdriver in hand

So here’s the list:

1.) Flat head screwdriver.  Great for loosening old screws, prying open old storm windows & opening paint cans.

2.) Philips head screwdriver.  Ideal for plunging into your left hand.

3.) Paint brush.  Must have for touch-ups.

4.) Putty knife.  Makes repairing small holes in your wall easy.

5.) Plaster of Paris.  Dry-mix plaster for wall repair.

6.) Power drill.  Try installing window treatments without this bad boy and you’ll be sorry.  And tired.

7.) Multi-purpose ladder.  Makes painting, cleaning windows & putting up holiday lights a breeze.

8.) Extension cords.  Get a bunch of them for yard work, outdoor lights & all those places inside where you should have an outlet but don’t.

9.) Hammer.  Pounding nails, ripping them out and demolition.

10.) Adjustable crescent wrench.  Perfect for loosening & tightening old plumbing fixtures.

11.) Allen key.  Tool that has several different size Allen wrenches.

12.) Sandpaper.  Must have for smoothing over patched walls, window sills or trim.

13.) Socket wrench.  Great for use in small spaces and ideal for flat screen TV installation.

14.) Laser level.  Hang pictures straight every time.

15.) 20′ tape measure.  Measurin’ stuff.

16.) Hand drain cleaner.  Essential for removing sink & shower clogs.

17.) Box cutters.  Show the recycling who’s boss.

18.) Flashlights.

19.) Work gloves.  Some of the stuff you’re going to be working with is pretty nasty.

20.) Paint.  Save all your cans & color types/names.

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