10/11/2013: Just say no to grubs

Gonna be honest guys — not sure what happened to my lawn in August.  I mean, someone asked if I had a brush fire.  A brush fire?  Do those even happen in Mass?


Turns out I didn’t need the Newton Fire Department to help with my yard.  I needed Joe Waters.

If you don’t know Joe, he’s got the yard that looks like The Masters could be played on it. His grass is ready for high def TV.  Every time I walk by, I can almost hear Jim Nance whispering: Mickelson putting for birdie…

Joe had a lawn intervention with me and told me I have grubs.  Not easy to hear when your neighbor tells you something like that.  Grubs are beetle larvae that feed on grass roots.  They turn grass brown and make it easy to pull up.  They also attract skunks & raccoons — which feed on them.

Good news is there was no brush fire (at least to my knowledge — but we did travel a lot in August).  Bad news is my grass has no root system and is a buffet for skunks & raccoons.

Grubs are easily treatable.  Simply apply GrubEx with a spreader and then water your grass.  For best results, apply in Spring or Summer and rake up the dead grass before application.  GrubEx won’t effect over-seeding, so you can put down new grass seed a day or two later.

Thanks to Joe for the advice, tools and mostly the GrubEx.

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