8/26/2013: Whatever happened to Newton Living Magazine?

Took the kids to Wally’s for ice cream last week and saw a copy of Newton Living Magazine on the wall.  Remember this?

Newton Living Mag

It was kinda like a knock-off of Boston Magazine that just appeared in your mailbox a few times in late 2011.  First time it showed up, I was like “Hey Management — did you order this?”  Turns out it was free and they were mailing them to 32,000 Newton households.

It actually wasn’t a bad mag. They featured a lot of local residents and their businesses. Wrote some real estate and home stuff too.  Everyone fully clothed — very tasteful.

Turns out the publisher, John Sisson, didn’t have the capital or investors to continue after their 3rd issue.  Had to shut it down in the spring of 2012.  You guys know I didn’t go to Sloan Business School, but if you’re going to publish a free mag — you need investors with USDs.  It’s business 101.

Would be great if Sisson could revive an on-line version or create a blog.  I could show him how.  Just make up a bunch of stuff, call everyone you guys and hit publish!

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