8/13/2013: Quick & easy way to get rid of backyard flies

You ever been to a bbq where everyone is having a great time except for one dude that’s getting attacked by flies?  Like swatting wildly at the air and slapping himself?  That’s me.

Now Management doesn’t have a problem with flies on me.  But if one lands on her hot dog or burger, it’s a problem.  And that’s where the flies screwed up.  They went and pissed off Management.

Management did some research and bought a Flies Be Gone flytrap for the backyard. This thing doesn’t look like much.  But troops in Iraq & Afghanistan used ’em to kill flies, possibly terrorists too.

FBG is a hanging trap that attracts flies through a trap door — which they somehow are not smart enough to fly back out of.  According to FBG’s website, once inside flies enjoy a free lunch they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.  Think they stole that line from a John Wayne flick.

FBG takes a few minutes to put together.  The bait stinks — don’t get it on your hands. Hang it a few feet off the ground in the sunlight.  Make sure it’s 30′ or so away from your patio.  Each trap lasts about 4 weeks.  We’ve had ours up for a few days and already have a dozen confirmed kills.

Flies Be Gone

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