7/17/2013: Nest thermostats

Super jazzed about this you guys.  Just installed a Nest thermostat in my never-ending quest for energy efficiency.  Guy that invented the ipod invented this thing too.  From ordering, to installing, to using Nest — it couldn’t be easier.

Nest is a smart thermostat that learns your schedule and programs itself to the temperatures you like.  Within a week, Nest will know that you like the house warmer when you wake up and cooler when you sleep.  When you’re out of the house, Nest will adjust the temperature to save you money — which could add up to a 20% savings on your monthly heating/cooling bills.

Start by ordering your Nest at http://www.Nest.com.  The thermostat costs $249, but there is an instant $100 savings through National Grid.  Just make sure you have your gas account # handy.  So $149 total.  Nest arrives in a few days.

Installation takes about 20 minutes.  Be sure to turn off the power of your thermostat (switch the breaker in the electrical panel — thank you, Leah).  Take off the faceplate of your existing thermostat and label the wires.  Should look like this.


Unscrew and take off thermostat plate.  You should have a hole in the wall with a few wires hanging out.  Install the Nest plate, then thermostat.

Nest will ask you for some basic info, then connect to your wireless network.  Once you’ve connected and downloaded the app onto your phone, you can change the house temp from anywhere.  Great when going & coming back from vacation.  This feature is Management approved.


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