6/19/2013: Tree pruning & cabling

We have a large sugar maple in our backyard that’s about 60′ tall.  It’s a beautiful old tree that provides a lot of shade for the backyard.

Since moving in, Management has been telling me that tree is an insurance claim waiting to happen.  Relax, I said, that tree has been there forever.  Thing probably saw the redcoats before Paul Revere did.

A year later, I’m home alone on a breezy night.  Winds were about 20-25 knots out of the south/southeast (total bullshit I have no idea the wind speed or direction).  Then all of sudden SNAP!!  An enormous branch fell from high in the sugar maple.


Nearly crunched the patio furniture and part of the branch was resting against the kitchen window.  At least 25′ long.  Downside was being wrong about the tree.  Upside was I got to use the chainsaw!

The next day, Management called Phil Mastroianni to come and look at the tree.  Phil had his crew bring in a lift to prune and cable two large branches together.  Total cost about $1,100.  No problems since.

One thought on “6/19/2013: Tree pruning & cabling

  1. Diane Krentzman Porter

    It’s weird looking at the photo and noticing it’s reversed. We have tree guys come out every couple of years to fertilize, prune trees, etc. We’re about due for another visit.

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