6/7/2013: The emergence of the million dollar townhome

Last year, the W. Newton townhome market didn’t exist.  Zero townhomes sold at or above $1M.  Buyers were still iffy on the real estate market and there was too much risk for developers to break ground.

This year is a different story.  Inventory is severely limited and developers cannot meet demand.  Since January, 7 townhomes in W. Newton have gone under agreement or sold above $995k.  See what you missed out on below:

37 Elm living room 37 Elm bedroom

2 townhomes are still available over $1M:

54 Elm

I know what you’re thinking — believe me, I’m thinking the same thing myself.  Last year, I didn’t write the blog and no townhomes sold over $1M.  This year, I’m blogging like crazy and 7 townhomes have sold.  Not like I’m trying to take credit or anything — just sayin there could be a correlation.

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