6/7/2013: How much will a new roof set you back?

About $7,500.

Not going to drag this blog out talking about getting estimates, pulling permits & architectural shingles.  You guys know the drill already.  If a contractor tells you more than $10k — tell him you’re no dummy.  You read RandlettPark.com and everything on the ‘net is true.

Look gang — all of our homes are approximately the same size, which means our roofs are too.  Replacing your roof is going to cost you about $7,500 and take 2-3 days.  The job will cost a bit more if 2 layers of shingles have to be ripped off or if you decide to replace the flashing around the chimney or do any re-pointing.  Make sure to pull a permit.

Also make sure the contractors clean up afterwards using a magnetic rake.  You don’t want to have shingles in the yard or gutters.  Or nails in the yard.  A nail gets caught in the mower and Boom! you wind up looking like Mr. Larson from Happy Gilmore.

mr larson


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