5/8/2013: Mosquito & tick control

When we bought our house at #142 three years ago, Management & I had visions of summer evenings spent grilling on the back patio with cocktail in hand.  We spent hours cleaning up the backyard.  Got rid of some poison ivy.  Even dropped $$$ at Season Fours in Lexington on patio furniture.  The backyard was looking good…

backyard spring

Then the mosquitoes showed up.  I really can’t tell you how much I hate mosquitoes.  Like if I had to put together a list of things I hate, it would look like this:

1.) Terrorists

1A.) Mosquitoes

2.)  Starbucks

Management found a company in Wayland called Oh Deer that specializes in mosquito & tick control.  We had Kurt come out and he recommended cleaning up a brush pile and cutting  the grass a bit shorter.  Also getting rid of any standing water — where they like to lay eggs.  Oh Deer then sprayed the backyard with a natural repellent that contains no pesticides or chemicals (kid safe).  The spray is good for up to 1 month and won’t wash off in the rain.  Cost is $75 per treatment and we have them spray 4/5 times each summer.

oh deer

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