5/23/2013: Million dollar homes on Waltham Street

Not sure what’s hotter right now: the Bruins or home values on Waltham Street.  Both are en fuego.

309 Waltham Street is a 4 bed, 3.5 bath home with 4,000 sq/ft that was listed for $1.095M.  The home went under agreement after 7 days on market.

309 Waltham

371 Waltham is a 6 bed, 3.5 bath home with 3,215 sq/ft and carriage house that was just listed for $1.3M.

371 Waltham

491 Waltham Street is a 4 bed, 2.5 bath new-construction townhouse that’s listed for $1.149M.

491 Waltham

5/22/2013: Adding central air

Since moving in 4 years ago, we’ve spent about $75k on home improvements.  The best money we’ve spent (by far) was on central air conditioning.  (The new roof is nice but it’s not like people come over and say “hey, nice roof.”)

With a toddler and infant, and the prospect of another sweaty summer with no one napping, Management green lighted central air installation.   This was March 8th, 2011 — now referred to as the Greatest Day of My Life.

I called 3 different contractors for estimates.  I spoke with Jeff Lawson of The Lawson Companies and here’s how it went down:

Jeff: “Do you have 200 amp electrical service?”

Me: “Bet your ass I do.”

Jeff: “I can start tomorrow and do the job for $9,900 in 4 days.”

Me: “Do it, Jeff.”

Boom!  4 days later we had central air.  Jeff and his guys were great.  Did all the plumbing, electrical and duct work without making a mess OR disrupting nap time.  Clutch.

Don’t forget Mass Save will give you a rebate of up to $500 for central air installation!


5/18/2013: 19 Randlett under construction

After failing to sell in the fall for $649k, 19 Randlett was removed from the market over the winter. Rather than re-list the vacant home for sale this spring, the owners have decided to do a major renovation.  Earlier this week, a dumpster was placed in the driveway and construction crews started clearing the lot.  The home sits on a large 1/4 acre lot, so there is a lot of potential for expansion.  Excited to see how this project turns out.


5/8/2013: Mosquito & tick control

When we bought our house at #142 three years ago, Management & I had visions of summer evenings spent grilling on the back patio with cocktail in hand.  We spent hours cleaning up the backyard.  Got rid of some poison ivy.  Even dropped $$$ at Season Fours in Lexington on patio furniture.  The backyard was looking good…

backyard spring

Then the mosquitoes showed up.  I really can’t tell you how much I hate mosquitoes.  Like if I had to put together a list of things I hate, it would look like this:

1.) Terrorists

1A.) Mosquitoes

2.)  Starbucks

Management found a company in Wayland called Oh Deer that specializes in mosquito & tick control.  We had Kurt come out and he recommended cleaning up a brush pile and cutting  the grass a bit shorter.  Also getting rid of any standing water — where they like to lay eggs.  Oh Deer then sprayed the backyard with a natural repellent that contains no pesticides or chemicals (kid safe).  The spray is good for up to 1 month and won’t wash off in the rain.  Cost is $75 per treatment and we have them spray 4/5 times each summer.

oh deer