4/10/2013: A $4.25M home in 02465?

Yep.  Hard to believe we’re in the same zip code as 294 Chestnut Street — which is a 5 bed, 4 bath home with 7,800 sq/ft on nearly an acre of land.  This home just came on the market and could be yours for $4.25M.

The home has a 30×22′ playroom, pool and best of all — 4 HALF baths, in case you couldn’t find the 4 FULL baths.  If you open a door inside this house, chances are good it’s a bathroom.

I’m telling you guys, with all the expensive homes in our zip code — it’s only a matter of time until a home on Randlett sells for $1M.  My guess is 3 years or less…

294 Chestnut 294 Chestnut2 294 Chestnut3 294 Chestnut4

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