4/2/2013: Yard-Crawls

Let’s face it: if you live on Randlett Park, your days of bar-crawls are over. The last bar-crawl you went on was probably St. Patty’s Day 2003 and you ducked out after the 3rd bar. Somehow those 3 beers made you hungover the next day too. Pretty embarrassing.

But just because you’re old and have kids and live on Randlett Park doesn’t mean your days of crawling are over. With the weather warming up again, it’s officially yard-crawl season.

A yard-crawl is when you pack up the family and spend the afternoon bouncing from one backyard to another, having drinks & snacks at each. Any good crawl will have the following: toys, games, bouncey house, baby pool, slip & slide and most importantly beer & wine.

We opened the 2013 season with a 3 yard-crawl on Sunday and everybody had a great time.  Below are some pics from the 2012 season.

yard crawl1 yard crawl2

It would be great to add some more yards for 2013 — let me know if you’re interested.

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