4/23/13: 147 Randlett is back on the market

It’s off the market, it’s back on the market.  It’s off, it’s on.  147 is back on the market for $739k.  What’s wrong with these buyers — do they not know about the blog?  I mean, yeah, the blog is really poorly written and lightly read — but still.  Fairway doesn’t have a blog.  Eliot doesn’t even have sidewalks!


147 Randlett ext

4/10/2013: A $4.25M home in 02465?

Yep.  Hard to believe we’re in the same zip code as 294 Chestnut Street — which is a 5 bed, 4 bath home with 7,800 sq/ft on nearly an acre of land.  This home just came on the market and could be yours for $4.25M.

The home has a 30×22′ playroom, pool and best of all — 4 HALF baths, in case you couldn’t find the 4 FULL baths.  If you open a door inside this house, chances are good it’s a bathroom.

I’m telling you guys, with all the expensive homes in our zip code — it’s only a matter of time until a home on Randlett sells for $1M.  My guess is 3 years or less…

294 Chestnut 294 Chestnut2 294 Chestnut3 294 Chestnut4

4/2/2013: What is your home worth?

The West Newton real estate market is very strong this spring.  With very limited inventory and strong demand, the last 4 sales on Randlett have been bid wars.  This has a lot of people on the street asking: what is my home worth today?

There are several ways to determine value: comparable sales, price per square foot basis & The Costello Method.

I put The Costello Method in caps because it’s awesome.  And easy.

I took the past 5 sales on Randlett and compared the sale price to the assessed value (how much the city values your home for tax purposes).  On average, sale prices were 27% higher than the assessed value.

Assessed value X 1.27 = Today’s value

Don’t know your assessed value?  Find it here: http://assessing.newtonma.gov/NewtonMAWebApp/

Keep in mind that I went to Northeastern and majored in football, so the numbers may not always reflect true market value.  I would factor in +/- 5% depending on the condition of your home.

4/2/2013: Yard-Crawls

Let’s face it: if you live on Randlett Park, your days of bar-crawls are over. The last bar-crawl you went on was probably St. Patty’s Day 2003 and you ducked out after the 3rd bar. Somehow those 3 beers made you hungover the next day too. Pretty embarrassing.

But just because you’re old and have kids and live on Randlett Park doesn’t mean your days of crawling are over. With the weather warming up again, it’s officially yard-crawl season.

A yard-crawl is when you pack up the family and spend the afternoon bouncing from one backyard to another, having drinks & snacks at each. Any good crawl will have the following: toys, games, bouncey house, baby pool, slip & slide and most importantly beer & wine.

We opened the 2013 season with a 3 yard-crawl on Sunday and everybody had a great time.  Below are some pics from the 2012 season.

yard crawl1 yard crawl2

It would be great to add some more yards for 2013 — let me know if you’re interested.