3/18/2013: National Grid home energy report (again)

I know I just blogged about this, but we need to circle back to home energy reports because National Grid is telling me that I use 40% more gas each month than “my efficient neighbors.”  How is this possible?!  I have insulated every part of my house.  I had insulation and Great Stuff adhesive stuck to my hands for like 2 weeks!  I couldn’t put the last National Grid report down because it was stuck to my hand!

Ok, ok, ok — I’m getting worked up.  Too many exclamation points.  Need to calm down.  Namaste….


Ok — I’m in a better place now.

I’m not seeking enlightenment, only energy efficiency.  If you are in National Grid’s “Great” category and willing to share your secrets, please let me know.  I can’t hold this pose forever.

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