3/15/2013: Overnight parking ban

Just a quick thank you to “JC” for the 3am parking ticket last Thursday night.  I got caught up watching the Bruin’s game and forgot to pull my car into the driveway.  I walked out to my car Friday morning and noticed this on my windshield…

overnight parking

I also noticed that my car stunk.  Now I didn’t attend Police Academy like “JC” — but here’s my crime log for the night:

3:00am: “JC” notices my car parked on street, exits traffic cruiser and issues VIOLATION.

3:01am: the skunk that stalks our yard sees “JC” issuing said VIOLATION and is like “oh HELL no.”

3:02am: skunk sprays “JC” and he flees scene.

I don’t have much evidence to support this story, but I know I got a $5 ticket and my car stunk.

Overnight parking ban ends April 15th, folks.  Until then, $5 tickets for parking on-street between 2-6am.

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