3/18/2013: National Grid home energy report (again)

I know I just blogged about this, but we need to circle back to home energy reports because National Grid is telling me that I use 40% more gas each month than “my efficient neighbors.”  How is this possible?!  I have insulated every part of my house.  I had insulation and Great Stuff adhesive stuck to my hands for like 2 weeks!  I couldn’t put the last National Grid report down because it was stuck to my hand!

Ok, ok, ok — I’m getting worked up.  Too many exclamation points.  Need to calm down.  Namaste….


Ok — I’m in a better place now.

I’m not seeking enlightenment, only energy efficiency.  If you are in National Grid’s “Great” category and willing to share your secrets, please let me know.  I can’t hold this pose forever.

3/15/2013: New construction in W. Newton Hill for $4M

Ever wondered what a $4M home in W. Newton Hill looks like?  Take a gander….

80 Chestnut

Shouldn’t be any issues at the home inspection, right?!  Everything looks ship-shape here!

This home on Chestnut Street is currently being demolished to make way for a new 6,000 sq/ft home.  The gambrel-style home will have 5 beds, 5 baths on just about a 1/2 an acre.

Let me know if you have $4M laying around and want to make this happen.

3/15/2013: Overnight parking ban

Just a quick thank you to “JC” for the 3am parking ticket last Thursday night.  I got caught up watching the Bruin’s game and forgot to pull my car into the driveway.  I walked out to my car Friday morning and noticed this on my windshield…

overnight parking

I also noticed that my car stunk.  Now I didn’t attend Police Academy like “JC” — but here’s my crime log for the night:

3:00am: “JC” notices my car parked on street, exits traffic cruiser and issues VIOLATION.

3:01am: the skunk that stalks our yard sees “JC” issuing said VIOLATION and is like “oh HELL no.”

3:02am: skunk sprays “JC” and he flees scene.

I don’t have much evidence to support this story, but I know I got a $5 ticket and my car stunk.

Overnight parking ban ends April 15th, folks.  Until then, $5 tickets for parking on-street between 2-6am.

3/4/2013: Backyard movies

I’ve been talking with a few neighbors about doing some backyard movies this summer for the kids on the street.  We could put up a big screen, lay down some blankets on the grass and fire up Finding Nemo or whatever the kids want to watch.  As long as it’s not Toy Story 1, 2 or 3 or Cars 1 or 2 — I have seen each of these movies 97 times.  If it was up to me, we’d be watching a George Clooney flick every week.  Did I just write that?

If anyone has a big screen, projector or audio equipment — let me know.  We could also use a popcorn maker.  And a full bar for the big kids.  Or at least a cooler with wine & beer.