2/24/2013: Floorplans

If you’re considering renovating or selling your home, might be a good idea to start by having a floorplan done.  I’m not talking about getting out the tape measure and sketching it yourself.  That’s what the junior varsity does.  This is varsity.  And on varsity, we have professional floorplans done by New England Floorplans.

New England Floorplans gives you an exact measurement of your home, including built-ins, closet sizes, appliances — even which way the doors swing.  The floorplans are drawn to scale, which is handy if you are planning to renovate and want to see how different size cabinets, windows & furniture will fit.

For example, we’re considering renovating our kitchen and I had Nick Rioux (the owner) measure our home a few months ago.  Nick then e-mailed me a PDF version of the floorplan, which allows me to gauge how big the kitchen island should be, where the fridge will fit and where the 1/2 bath should be relocated.  (See our kitchen in the link below).

142 Randlett Park Floor Plan 1-4 Scale Dims

If you are selling your home, a floorplan will give you the exact square footage of the house.  The measurements are so exact, you could take them to the City of Newton to have their records changed.  It also helps buyers visualize where all their stuff will go.

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