2/7/2013: 1st Annual Snow Throw Challenge

It’s on you guys.  I just left the office and am heading for the WCVB studios where I can monitor the storm with meteorlogist/genius Mike Wankum.  I’m supposed to be putting together a deal with a New England sports team today and will probably lose my job over this challenge.  But like I told my colleagues in a stirring speech before I left, we need to get our priorities straight and put our neighbors first.   I used words like: community, service & commitment.  I got a lot of blank looks from my co-workers and a few eye rolls.

I’ll tell you who’s not rolling eyes, Wanks and the Storm Team.  This Noreaster could bring up to 2 feet of snow to 02465.  Wanks is telling me the Noreaster could “bomb out.”  Don’t know what that means but it sounds like something I used to do in college.

I’ll keep everyone updated on The Challenge.  Plan on a Saturday afternoon start time at the the corner of Randlett & Waltham.


2 thoughts on “2/7/2013: 1st Annual Snow Throw Challenge

  1. Marisa

    The real question is what we can do to help you, Dave? I’m not sure I can venture as far as Randlett tomorrow (Fairway is so very far away…) but if we are not there in person, we will be there in spirit!

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