2/4/2013: National Grid home energy report

This is a competition, plain and simple you guys.  National Grid may tell you that “these reports are designed to provide you more information to make informed energy choices blah, blah, blah…”   But I’m telling you that’s mullarkey and we’re all in a battle royale to see who can be most energy efficient.

National Grid compares the natural gas usage of 100 occupied, nearby homes every 2 months and categorizes each as Great, Good or More than Average.  This includes homes on Randlett, Eliot & Fairway.

My National Grid rating was Good.  Umm — hello, National Grid — are you not reading the blog?  I insulated the attic, exterior walls and floor joists.  Find me one person on Fairway or Eliot that insulated their floor joists.

What does it take to be Great?  Do I have to put solar panels on the roof?  Dig a well and go geo-thermal on everyone?  Don’t tell me I have to replace all the windows.  Do. Not. Tell. Me. That.  I have like 40 windows.

If you made the Great category — congratulations.  High five.  More than Average category, go close your windows.  Everybody else, keep insulatin’.

National grid energy report cropped

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