1/29/2013: Management oks kitchen renovation

For those of you that don’t already know, I’ve been lobbying with my wife (hereinafter referred to as Management) to renovate our kitchen since we bought the house in 2009.  I’ve approached Management several times regarding the renovation and been rebuffed each time.  Management’s position is that a renovation will make a huge mess and take too long.  It will cost too much money, Management says.

But being a husband and a poor listener, I kept hinting at the life we could be living with a new, bigger kitchen.  We could host the kids birthday parties.  Have Thanksgiving at our house.  I would learn to cook and make dinner every night.  Management just rolled her eyes.  Until last week…

We were out at my favorite place in the world, The Cherry Tree, having wings & beer when Management gave me the green light to renovate the kitchen.  Happiest day of my life!  (Besides the day I married Management and Ryan & Casey being born, obviously.)

So planning is underway.  All we know at this point is the yellow formica & linoleum floor need to go.  I’ll keep you guys updated on our progress.

142 kitchen
Bathroom was designed so you could sit and talk with the chef.

3 thoughts on “1/29/2013: Management oks kitchen renovation

  1. Leah

    Please tell management the first round’s on me when the contractor flakes out and she has nowhere to make mac and cheese. McStello’s always welcome to use our expansive (and linoleum covered) kitchen.

  2. Michele

    Congratulations! You’re also welcome here when you get tired of microwaveable meals. And we’ve got some nifty suggestions on how to mix things up so it’s not just frozen meals from Trader Joe’s, as well as tips on how not to go crazy doing dishes without a kitchen sink.

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