1/16/2013: 1st Annual Snow Throw Challenge

The next time it snows more than 6″, I will attempt to snow throw all the sidewalks on Randlett Park. That’s right — from Waltham to Watertown Streets. BOTH sides!

I know what you’re thinking: this can’t be done, it’s too dangerous. No one has ever attempted such a feat — not even Fire Chief Randlett. Well, just like Ernest Shackleton’s voyage to Antartica & Sir Edmund Hillary’s trek up Mt. Everest, I too shall attempt the impossible.

Here’s the tenantive plan: next time it snows more than 6″, I will start at the corner of Randlett & Waltham (even side of street) and work my way to Watertown. Then turnaround at Watertown and come up the odd side of the street. Go time will be 9am. Hopefully, I can finish the same day. If not, I may make an igloo in your yard to ride out the night.

Equipment & Provisions: I have a 6 speed, 8.5 horsepower thrower — plenty of power to get the job done.  Can get up to 3 MPH in 6th gear, if the job calls for it.  That hog drinks a lot gas though, so I may need to refuel a couple of times. As for me, I will not be packing any provisions. Unlike my trusty thrower, I run on cookies & beer. If you have either, and it looks like my tank is on empty, please come to my aid.

I’ll update the blog during the next storm and let everyone as zero hour approaches.

Randlett snow

3 thoughts on “1/16/2013: 1st Annual Snow Throw Challenge

  1. Diane Krentzman Porter

    Dave — you are awesome! I’ll be baking for my clients probably this weekend, so I’ll give you some “pre-fuel” goodies in the very near future! Thanks for all you do for us as neighbors and for our street!

  2. Leahl Daly

    Dave, You have to be careful what you get the people used to. We’ll have beer, no promise on the cookies, and the girls are happy to give you a cheese stick or two.

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