1/29/2013: Management oks kitchen renovation

For those of you that don’t already know, I’ve been lobbying with my wife (hereinafter referred to as Management) to renovate our kitchen since we bought the house in 2009.  I’ve approached Management several times regarding the renovation and been rebuffed each time.  Management’s position is that a renovation will make a huge mess and take too long.  It will cost too much money, Management says.

But being a husband and a poor listener, I kept hinting at the life we could be living with a new, bigger kitchen.  We could host the kids birthday parties.  Have Thanksgiving at our house.  I would learn to cook and make dinner every night.  Management just rolled her eyes.  Until last week…

We were out at my favorite place in the world, The Cherry Tree, having wings & beer when Management gave me the green light to renovate the kitchen.  Happiest day of my life!  (Besides the day I married Management and Ryan & Casey being born, obviously.)

So planning is underway.  All we know at this point is the yellow formica & linoleum floor need to go.  I’ll keep you guys updated on our progress.

142 kitchen
Bathroom was designed so you could sit and talk with the chef.

1/22/2013: Attic insulation

Temps are expected to plunge this week with arctic air headed our way.  While our homes have been around for 80-90 years and seen a lot of cold winters, they don’t have much insulation and aren’t very energy efficient.  Adding attic insulation can help keep your bedroom level warmer and energy bills down.

I know what you’re thinking: here he goes blogging about insulation again — what is this guy’s deal?  Does he need help?

Possibly.  I think about insulation a lot, but it’s not effecting my work or marriage.  Yet.

Adding insulation to your attic slows/prevents heat from escaping through your roof.  We had our attic insulated with open cell foam (7″ thick) through Mass Save in 2011.  Energytech Solutions completed the job in 1 day for $4,700.  The Mass Save rebate was $2,000 — so total cost to us was $2,700.

In 20 years, the EPA will probably decide this stuff is toxic and a danger to our children.
In 20 years, the EPA will probably decide this stuff is toxic and a danger to our children.

1/21/2013: Snow Throw Challenge – weather update

Watching this storm closely, you guys. Tomorrow could be the 1st Annual Snow Throw Challenge. Typically I work out of my office downtown, but today I’ve moved over to the WCVB studios and am working with Mike Wankum and the Storm Team. Tricky storm we have here.

The Storm Team is all over this though. Doppler updates on the quarter hour. Tracking high & low pressure systems. Wanks is talking a lot about the Norlun Trough. But I didn’t go to MIT so I don’t know what he’s talking about. Just nodding a lot.

What I do know is this: if we get 6″ of snow tonight/tomorrow — it’s on. If Wanks green lights the challenge for tomorrow, I will let you know tonight.  Stay tuned.

Wanks and another one of his home renovation projects.
Wanks and another one of his home renovation projects.