11/27/2012: Mass Save & Home Energy Saving Programs

Most of you have already heard of Mass Save, which is an initiative sponsored by local utility providers to help make your home more energy efficient.  Mass Save offers residents significant rebates when installing or replacing a wide variety of home systems, including: insulation, hot water heaters, heating systems, central air, appliances, thermostats — even lightbulbs.  Annual rebates range from $20 for air cleaners up to $2,000 for insulation.

The proccess starts by contacting Mass Save (800 632-8300 or www.masssave.com) to schedule a home energy audit.  The audit is typically scheduled within 30 days and takes about 2 hours with the technician.  Results are available shortly after the audit, but you will have a good idea of what improvements you’re eligible for after speaking with the technician.  Having gone through 2 audits myself, I can tell you — our old homes qualify for a lot of improvements!

Once you determine the improvments you’d like done, Mass Save will provide you with a list of aprroved contractors.  All pricing is controlled by Mass Save, so you will need to select a contractor based on availability and their experience — not price.  Once you’ve chosen a contractor and they have met with you to review the work, you’ll sign a contract and send a deposit to Mass Save.  Then have the work done and pay the balance.

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