10/4/2018: Derby St appeal wins

The appeal of the decision to make Derby St a 1 way won last night in a 4-2 vote. Derby won’t be a 1 way anytime soon you guys. Good arguments were made for and against changing the street to a 1 way and ultimately the committee felt they would be rushing in without fully understanding how it would effect traffic elsewhere in the neighborhood.

10/2/2018: Derby St meeting tomorrow at 7pm

The appeal for the Derby St petition will be tomorrow at 7pm at City Hall. In case you are new to the neighborhood, or earth, we are trying to get Derby St to become a 1 way so it’s safer for kids & families walking to/from Franklin.

There is opposition to making Derby a 1 way so its imperative you show up tomorrow night to support this petition. If you show up, the council should vote in our favor. If you don’t, we’ll lose.

I realize it’s a Wednesday and everyone has shit to do. No one wants to spend the evening at City Hall talking about traffic. But this is important. Please make time to be there.

9/18/2018: Decision to make Derby Street a 1 way appealed

Most of you guys know the traffic council voted 5-0 to make Derby St a 1 way on May 31st. A victory for the people. Except maybe 1 person who appealed it.

So now there’s another meeting on Oct. 3rd 7pm at City Hall to discuss it. Again. Please try to attend. If you can’t, please email Danielle Delaney at the Office of the City Council. These emails do carry a lot of weight at the hearings. Email address is:


8/30/2018: New sidewalks on Randlett

The Randlett beautification project continued this week as the city replaced some of the sidewalks on upper Randlett. Unfortunately, some ASSHOLE tried to run through wet concrete and ruined the sidewalk, possibly the whole street.

If I’m being totally honest, that asshole was me you guys. Was running home from the gym listening to Drake at volume 10 and just ran right into. The foreman was not impressed and tried to make me feel better by saying “it happens all the time.” Notice tho how I stopped on a DIME 3rd step in and jumped into Ed’s yard. Yeah – I know – pretty athletic for someone who just ran into wet concrete.

8/9/2018: Randlett Park no longer scheduled to be repaved

Sorry no blog posts lately – on summer hours you guys.

So we were scheduled to get the street repaved in 2019 because we scored a 37 on the city’s StreetScan scale in 2016. Sounds like that’s not happening anymore because the city has a new 5 year plan to only repave streets with a score of 25 or less.

The city is using terms like strategic, prioritization & cost benefit value. That’s stuff you say at meetings gang. Our street needs to be repaved and I say we march on city hall! Once it gets cooler obviously. Been so humid lately. Then we get some cold ones! Who’s with me?!?

7/19/2018: Another pitbull attack today at 154 Randlett

Pitbulls attacked a local dog today around noon in front of 154. This is the 3rd time these pitbulls have attacked dogs on the street. Police responded, which is the 5th time they have been called to house regarding the dogs behavior in the past 2 years.

After the last attack, a public hearing was held and the dogs owners didn’t bother to show up. They were fined.

Newton Police needs to step up and take control of this situation. If you agree, please let Officer Torres of Animal Control know at rtorres@newtonma.gov

5/31/2018: Motion passes to make Derby St one-way

The city passed a motion tonight to make Derby a one-way street westbound from Waltham to Cherry (towards Franklin). The decision can be appealed in the next 20 days. But a big win for the people (and the kids!) tonight.

Derby St is only 19-20′ wide, which is not wide enough for traffic to be passing in both directions. That section of street is 1,150 feet long and over 2,000 cars travel it each day.

The city’s major concern is that making Derby a one-way will encourage drivers to speed and that won’t be necessarily any safer.

Huge shout out to Miles & Brad for making this happen and all the parents that came out to voice concern for our kids. And Ken the crossing guard – he was there and spoke up for us.

Oh yeah it turns out there are no parking restrictions on Derby. Probably because no one in their right mind would park there. That being said, you’ll be able to park on Derby during pick up/drop off now. The city actually likes this since it will force traffic to slow down.

20 Day appeal period but good start you guys.

5/18/2018: Blog closed tomorrow for royal wedding

I don’t know about the rest of the internet but this blog will be closed tomorrow for the royal wedding.

Meghan Markle is an American princess and that Harry, one lucky guy.

I wasn’t always into royal weddings until the last one when Pippa Middleton showed up with those kids at her sister Kate’s wedding. 😍😍😍 you guys.

I didn’t even know Kate had a sister. Whose kids are those? Hers? That’s what I love about royal weddings — all the surprises.

And all the family drama. Like on those English period dramas that Management watches on Netflix called like The Duchess or Barrington Estate or Princess That Rules the Kingdom But Somehow Can’t Find a Suitor. So fun you guys and always in italics.

Management told me Meghan Markle’s family is a total shit show and has flown to London but is not invited to the wedding.  I don’t know if they can even do that but they just did. Maybe they saw the movie wedding crashers?


So royal wedding yes tomorrow, blogging no.